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Declutter – good things happen when you do.


As I said last week, I’ve been doing personal development work on my “money stuff”, generally working on discovering and clearing my money blocks and creating an abundance mindset. (Disclosure: Affiliate links)

Part of creating abundance is about allowing it to enter your life. Now, spiritually, I’m a Pagan, so the concept of Magic is nothing new for me. I’m very comfortable with knowing that the Universe/Field of Potentiality/Divinity has my back, that intention is all and that you have to do the work to enable the universe to meet you half way to give you what you request (chance favours the prepared mind and all that).

However, in my Pagan practices, I’d learned that you make the intention, ask divinity for it and then release it, trusting that the intent will become. It’s praying,  one asks for a thing just the once; mithering at the problem will cause doubt/loss of clarity which confuses the universe i.e. diluting the power of the prayer.

However, where I’ve been diving deeper into Mindfulness, improving my mindset from Lack to Abundance as well as working out how this can then serve both myself and others, I’ve been reading around “cosmic ordering” and manifesting (The Law of Attraction) as they are often in the same books!

I’ve been giggling at the various authors describing the principles of magic and asking the Universe for things without referring to the divinity of it at all,  but it has made me pay more attention to my own spirituality, and I’ve been revisiting my views and beliefs around the power of intention.

“Declutter!” is pretty much the first step in all manifesting/cosmic ordering writings (as well as it being a major principle of Feng Shui), as having clutter hanging about confuses intent. Denise Duffield-Thomas has a wonderfully practical video on making manifesting foolproof where she talks about the decluttering step in detail.

This is because decluttering is not just about space (though for the last 3 weeks, I’ve been decluttering my house with gusto!), it’s very much also about decluttering our thoughts.

We all collect “static” over the years, we build stories around what has happened to us – scripts – that give us words that then shape experiences. Not all these scripts are helpful or even useful to our future lives; “History is a very good teacher, but not all of the lessons are good ones” is a phrase I often use.

Recognising and then working to declutter the negative scripts that we’ve built into our world view is important; simply put, they hold us back. The universe gives us what we expect to receive, so if our scripts are saying things like

  • “Oh, I’m so fat!”
  • “I hate my body/nose/tummy/bum.”
  • “I never win anything.”
  • “Why do I always have a headache?”
  • “I’m so tired all the time.”
  • “I hate my job.”
  • “I never have any money.”

then that is exactly what the universe will keep giving!

So, this week I want you to start listening to yourself, how much negative clutter are you carrying around in your head? Some of our negative scripts can be re-framed as positives, some we can recognise why we are thinking that way and work to make a change easily but others just plain need ditching. Leave me a comment below about what you’ve found about your thoughts, and we can start working on connecting those dots.

Catch you next week!

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