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Before Nikola and I worked together, I felt like 2 different people.
The person on stage was strong but the person off stage was weak.

I’d been worked on myself with meditating, journaling, going to life coaching events, reading self-help books, but through the process of working with her, I now feel more confident and friendly, open and strong and full of ideas – exactly like I would be when I am on stage!

I also feel less scared of being a single woman in London who is wanting to move her life forward. The confidence boost has led me to act on the business idea that I’ve held for a long while but previously talked myself out of doing.

I like myself more and I‘m happy to be around people and want to help them, before I didn’t think I had anything of value to offer.

I felt safe with Nikola and I would most definitely recommend her service. She is kind, knowledgeable and confident in her ability. That gave me confidence to believe I could get over this hurdle.

I also enjoyed working with Nikola immensely, it was a difficult issue but she made it feel normal and fun. I would love to continue working with her.


Just spent a brilliant 30 minutes with Nikki via Skype…. She worked through the “like-to-dislike” technique with me and now hopefully I’ll be back in charge….. Thanks for this session Nikki!


As we all know information on the internet can be conflicting and it’s hard to know what to believe. Nikola is always my go to person, she’s an absolute fountain of knowledge and I trust her advice 100%. She’s such a kind caring person who’s willing to give all her time to help other people. I’d highly recommend her to everyone.